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During imperial times, that archetypal native, John Bull, was swaggeringly sure of himself: common sense told this true-born Englishman that he was also a Briton and as such the representative of an empire that straddled the globe.
Here he enlisted Walter Savage Landor to help him write the first volume of his memoirs, Adventures of a Younger Son, wherein Trelawny swaggeringly recounted, inter alia, his stint as an Asian buccaneer and the death by shark attack of his original child-bride, Zela.
Mary's College is finally coming into its own after years of struggling to free itself from its stifling association with the swaggeringly secular University of Calgary.
A boisterously Tarantinoesque mash-up of cliches, archetypes and bodacions craziness in the tradition of Southern-fried '60s and '70s drive-in fodder, "The Baytown Outlaws" is the sort of cartoonishly violent and swaggeringly non-PC concoction that defines guilty pleasure for many genre fans.
Renowned as a noisy, manic Australian bad boy, Brendon is brutally funny, aggressively objectionable and swaggeringly filthy.
IN the run-up to Capital of Culture Liverpool swaggeringly restyled itself as the UK's new city of destination.
So too is Stevenson's less ethereal, more swaggeringly purposeful Britannia Bridge.
As they swaggeringly left the court, Covele and Boulter put on Winston Churchill masks, lashing out and punching at waiting reporters.
Like the swaggeringly joyful Barefoot and Dirty Jeans, the album comes loaded with instantly familiar melodies, radio friendly chorus hooks and a copious amount of wit, served up with a massive dose of self-assurance and not a little tigerish sexuality.
We weren't optimistic as we toured Lichfield looking for somewhere to eat - but the Champs Elysees French restaurant rose to the task in swaggeringly Gallic fashion.