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So too is Stevenson's less ethereal, more swaggeringly purposeful Britannia Bridge.
Like the swaggeringly joyful Barefoot and Dirty Jeans, the album comes loaded with instantly familiar melodies, radio friendly chorus hooks and a copious amount of wit, served up with a massive dose of self-assurance and not a little tigerish sexuality.
To add to their growing problems, England now look certain to be taking on the all-powerful and swaggeringly confident Aussies with their top batsman having had no practice for six weeks.
We weren't optimistic as we toured Lichfield looking for somewhere to eat - but the Champs Elysees French restaurant rose to the task in swaggeringly Gallic fashion.
orders Henry Fool (Thomas Jay Ryan, a stage actor making a swaggeringly good screen debut), barging into the basement apartment in Simon's house and instantly taking up residence.
Boding well for fifth album AM, this single is a swaggeringly, staggeringly good mid-tempo groover that does what they do best - mixing great indie melody with funny, insightful lyrics.
Gone soon will be the glorious, halcyon days of being fantastically, swaggeringly single.
The familiar English Dances ranged from a slightly pedestrian opening, through a rumbustious Con Brio and a swaggeringly good conclusion.
Sometimes the textures translate well into an orchestral spectrum, but Grieg's Four Norwegian Dances, however expertly scored, emerge occasionally as overblown and ingratiating - an impression not even this account from the CBSO under Paavo Jarvi, swaggeringly extrovert and with ravishing solos, could dispel.
A It was Treasure Island (1950) in which Charles Laughton gave the most swaggeringly unforgettable performance of his career as Long John Silver.