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For sword swallower Heather, having the performers all under one roof is a rare treat in the world of the travelling circus.
What's and A jelly Why swallower swallow He want| SOME types of bamboo can grow nearly a metre a day.
Why did swallower swallow an He wanted | THE largest living structure on Earth is the Great Barrier Reef.
A SWORD swallower pushes the limits of human deep end-eavour as he takes part in a bumper day of world record breaking.
Distribution of material:: Outside park:: - 3 fence posts at the entrance with ticket dispenser and reader contact subscriber card: - 3 positions exit barrier with swallower tickets and contactless reader of subscriber card with security lock ,: - 2 cases automatic conform to accessibility standards for Disability .
And, featuring a neon tube that almost killed a sword swallower, a cursed ventriloquist doll and seven metal coat hangers gulped down by the sword swallower in a Guinness World Record attempt, it is easy to see why.
For more information on World Sword Swallower's Day, or to schedule a sword swallower for an event in your area on February 23rd, contact us.
You have the sword swallower, Hannibal Hellmurtos, who remains defiantly determined to guzzle all manner of razor-sharp weaponry despite ending up in hospital after one performance last year.
London, Nov 22 ( ANI ): A sword swallower from Isle of Wight, England has broken a world record by plunging two curved knives down his throat.
The theory is that he was an accomplice of the fake gem swallower and was making off with the real gemstone after his colleague had created a distraction by swallowing the fake.
will once again release their Coney island Variety Pack, containing a dozedn 12-oz bottles of the celebrated Albino Python, Sword Swallower, Coney Island Lager, and Mermaid Pilsner.
Such a smuggler is called a swallower or an internal carrier.