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The following paragraphs will focus on the mouth and pharynx, and outline the swallowing process, the frequency of swallowing problems, complications and their management.
PED is clearly linked to preexisting neurological disorders that cause swallowing abnormalities, such as stroke, neuromuscular diseases, and low Glasgow Coma Scale scores.
Because nurses are not traditionally trained to screen patients for dysphagia on admission to the hospital, many patients may have been unknowingly placed at risk for additional swallowing problems.
com/article/man-swallows-a-live-cobra-then-spits-it-out) appeared calm during the stunt in the Sri Lankan's attempt to break a world record by swallowing two cobras consecutively.
and several million more children, swallowing difficulties represent an increasingly common disorder.
Clinical management of swallowing disorders, 3d ed.
IS it true that swallowing chewing gum is bad for you?
A NEW screening tool has been developed to immediately identify stroke patients with swallowing difficulties.
is sponsoring an Endoscopic Assessment of Swallowing Hands-On Practicum by ProCourse CEUs in Orlando, FL September 17th and 18th 2011.
Washington, March 25 (ANI): In a pilot study, researchers found that stroke patients who received electrical brain stimulation coupled with swallowing exercises showed greater improvement in swallowing ability than patients who did not receive this stimulation.
Tongue-pressure resistance training has recently emerged as a treatment approach with the potential to yield positive outcomes in adults with swallowing impairment involving tongue weakness.
Eating a good meal or drinking a glass of water, seemingly two of the most basic human activities, cannot always be taken for granted, especially among the elderly who often suffer from swallowing problems or dysphagia.