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Alteration in swallowing reflex after extubation in intensive care unit patients.
Dysphagia limits protect against possible hazards of hot water to the oropharyngeal mucosae, most likely prevented by the swallowing reflex mechanisms.
Iwasaki reported the effect of HKT on the swallowing reflex in patients with cerebrovascular disease and Parkinson's disease (Iwasaki et al.
For some children, these more common feeding problems may reflect a specific oral-motor problem, such as uncoordinated tongue movement during lateralization or dysfunctional oral transport of the food bolus to the back of the mouth to initiate the swallowing reflex.
Sleep on your back--when the spit collects back there, it triggers a swallowing reflex.
The food is then gathered up by the tongue and propelled to the back of the mouth thereby initiating the involuntary swallowing reflex.
14, 1998, was especially tough on Sanchez: The left side of his face is permanently paralyzed and he lost his swallowing reflex.