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This dysfunction leads to premature spillage of bolus and increased risk of airway penetration or aspiration before the swallowing reflex is triggered, which are compatible with sensorial alterations in the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx, leading to delays in the start of the pharyngeal phase.
High incidence of impairment of the swallowing reflex in patients with COPD might represent a potential risk factor for exacerbation of COPD.
It is interesting to note that, while the process of swallowing is an almost automatic physiological maneuver in the young, adaptive cerebral changes in the co-ordination of the swallowing reflex are observed in the elderly, suggesting that the brain cortical region increases the time for pharyngeal triggering, (8) resulting in swallowing smaller volumes, the accumulation of residue and a higher rate of laryngeal penetration.
The A-0 interval reflects voluntary attempts to swallow until the swallowing reflex is initiated, and therefore, it may be related to the triggering of the swallowing reflex (9,39-40).
She can feed but her swallowing reflex will go and she will need to be fed through a nasal tube.
1,2) In most cases, aspiration of foreign body in adults is associated with increased age, impaired swallowing reflex or altered mental status.
Present from birth the gag reflex can be compared to the swallowing reflex.
He was recovering on Ward Three at Heartlands from a delayed swallowing reflex when tragedy struck last November 29.
Dysphagia limits protect against possible hazards of hot water to the oropharyngeal mucosae, most likely prevented by the swallowing reflex mechanisms.
The secondary tumour in her brain stem has left her nearly blind and with no swallowing reflex.
Many children under age six have not fully developed their swallowing reflex and may be more likely to inadvertently swallow fluoride toothpaste.