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The current yield [on the upstream fund] is upwards of 10%, and our model says the dividend is going to be paid," Swank explained.
Either way, showing Swank the door was the first of many moves Wilson has made since she took the helm in July to shake up the low-profile, Eugene-based, 174-employee government agency.
Conviction is a remarkable true story that provides Swank with a meaty central role that wrings tears and fury in equal measure.
With Swank in the lead role it's no surprise there's already awards buzz around the film.
Slightly too big for Swank, the dress made her look like she was playing dress up in her mother's wedding down.
Global Telecom & Technology Inc (GTT) (OTCBB:GTLT), a global network integrator providing a portfolio of wide-area network and mobility services, announced on 5 February the appointment of Eric A Swank as chief financial officer of the company.
Swank or even visit the Web site of the Swank Foundation, which has a description of the diet.
Million Dollar Baby' in Dubai'Select Property & Select Group signs up two-time Academy-award winner Hillary Swank for the launch of their 5.
Select Property and Select Group said they have signed two-time Academy-award winner Hillary Swank for the launch of their Dh5.
Butler tries just too hard to be the twinkly-eyed, cliched Irishman, and Swank isn't emotional enough to provoke our tears, but at least she shows a gift for physical comedy.
With Best Actress Oscar wins for Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby, Swank is a serious star in her own right.
There's no sexual chemistry with two-time Oscar-winner Swank, who squanders her talents in a thankless role that runs the gamut of tearful and perky.