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The CFTC has indicated repeatedly that it does not intend for this definition to capture commercial end users of swaps.
Here are a few words on other bond swaps using the same bond as described above.
Because important definitions including that of "swap" remain undetermined under Dodd-Frank, the full scope of the reporting requirements for pre-enactment swaps remains unknown.
SAVE 310 calories Swap duck in orange sauce, 840 calories, for chicken chasseur, 480 calories
Moody's notes that if the swap counterparty is also the valuation agent and the seller/originator, the absence of a third-party swap counterparty or a third-party valuation agent might affect the swap valuation because of a possible lack of objective perspective on the assumptions on the probability of the call option being exercised.
The Sun, Sundaresan, and Wang study only concerns interest rate swaps.
It provided two examples involving five-year swaps used to hedge debt instruments with a 10-year term.
As a result of the growing and increasingly liquid market for swaps, Standard & Poor's will rate structured finance transactions with swaps from 'AAAt' rated derivative product companies.
And Nevel, the third member of Rice Financial's technical triumvirate, is responsible for the design and execution of interest-rate swaps and other municipal derivatives.
The allocation swap allows you to readjust by bringing those allocations back into line.
Interest rate swaps typically are entered into in connection with a borrowing, although the swap counterparty usually is not the lender.
We've been helping facilitate swaps worldwide for years, and have really seen the trend take off in the past six months as people look to reduce their environmental footprint and save money," said Jeff Bennett, CEO of Swap.