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Scanning electron microscopy was also attempted on the material, but no consistent differences were found between the tree swarmers and horizontal swarmers.
After Almanzar stole second base to put runners on second and third with one out, Swarmer struck out back-to-back hitters to end the inning.
Swarmer (1-0) earned the win for the Ems following a six-hit, three-run performance over five innings.
Termite swarmers are attracted towards light and are often seen around windows and doors.
Termite tubes likewise enable termite swarmers to leave the colony.
Individuals of all excluded pest populations that are incidental invaders inside the specified buildings, including winged termite swarmers emerging indoors.
Every spring, hundreds of swarmers leave each colony to establish new colonies.
Others, chemical spray in hand, can hardly stop thinking about them, envisioning "germs," mold spores and other unseen swarmers poised to unleash disease and rot.
Winged termites (or alates) do not fly very far, but swarmers can be carried great distances by strong winds
Evidence of termite infestation When a house is inspected for termite infestation, there are several visible signs of termite infestation: remaining of alates Shed wings, dead swarmers of termites, mud or shelter tubes, faecal pellate spots.