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Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group and Swatch: We are happy with the cooperation with the G&D team in the Swatch Bellamy project.
The inaugural Swatch FIVB World Tour Finals will feature the richest first-place prize at an international event with $100,000 being presented to the winning tandems.
For volume brands such as Swatch or Tissot, we are not very keen to raise prices, as this segment tends to react more sensitively to such changes.
Many analysts believe that collaboration between Apple and Swatch would make a wonderful team in bringing out a smartwatch.
Swatch has opened up an exciting new world; the first mechanical movement ever to be made not by hand, but on a fully-automated assembly line, Sistem51 was presented to an astonished watch industry in April of this year.
Within the framework of the long-term partnership agreement, in spring 2008, Swatch Group founded Tiffany Watch Co.
GENEVA: Nicolas Hayek, chairman and former CEO of the giant Swiss watch-manufacturing firm Swatch, has died at the age of 82.
The popularity of the Swatch expanded to popular culture as well, with mainstream artists such as graffiti-inspired painter Keith Haring and graphic designer Jean Michel Folon being commissioned to create artwork for the Swatch gallery.
Straight Drops watch, pounds 36, by Gary Card for Swatch, stockists 0845 296 2448 www.
Swatch signed a lease with BAA Cleveland and is expected to open a 450 square foot unit on Concourse C of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in February 2010.
Top FMX (freestyle motocross) rider Mat Rebeaud designed it for his sponsors Swatch.
Q I HAVE a 40th anniversary Thunderball 007 Swatch watch which has a strap in different shades of light blue.