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The 8 u-by-11 inch full- size paper swatch cards can be cut into 14 individual swatches and will be available in over 200 PANTONE WEDDING Colors for the spring 2010 season.
The team has confirmed that swatches inoculated with the bacteria change to the same shades evident in the masters' discolored paintings.
With optimized color constancy, the swatches are individually packaged and are free of any backing paper or adhesives that affect the color appearance and spectral readings.
The new, three-volume package, the Pantone Textile Color Swatch Files, Cotton Edition, contains all 1,701 Pantone Textile colors dyed or printed on fabric swatches.
A design consultant for Wrangler says the new color system is user-friendly "because the swatches are large enough and can be taken out of the book.
The 2005 formula guide sets a new benchmark for color and includes color swatches that are nearly 25 percent larger for increased accuracy and visual reference when specifying and matching colors.
Pantone color experts are responsible for quality-controlling almost 1 billion color swatches on an annual basis.
The increased visual reference of the larger swatches and the brighter, whiter paper used to print the guides make it even more desirable for designers to consider updating their guides.
5" x 13", the new Color Studio sheets greatly magnify the subtleties in color and tone often overlooked in traditional, 1" x 2" paint swatches.
Imation's color experts prepare the digital image of each cosmetic shade, assuring that the resulting image best reflects the actual product, and uploads all color swatches to the Dermablend website.