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Although they stamp their trademarks over numbers such as mid-tempo sweller I Just Got Over You, acoustic 60s folk pop You'll Never and lysergic folksy swayer Man In The Middle, Sealey's first writing contribution, it's the departures from the norm that really set this apart.
Holloway also made a change at the back, pushing Gary Swayer out to right-back and bringing the power of Mattias Doumbe into the heart of the back-line.
Eblis, the Muslim Satan, master of the fantastic spirits of both sexes who dance lasciviously in troops to the music of Hell, Eblis the swayer of the crowds who pass, their right hands on their flaming hearts without regarding anything around them, Eblis himself is one of the damned: 'Eblis, with a voice more mild than might be imagined, but such as transfused through the soul the deepest melancholy, said, "Creatures of clay, I receive you into my empire".
Consider Jonas Gutierrez, who was a hypnotic runner and swayer.