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This risk is courted throughout The Redress of Poetry when the recurrent metaphor of a set of swaying scales suggests his desire to balance out opposing impulses.
Because there was such a huge number walking all at once across the bridge, which is very unusual, there was a certain amount of swaying.
Nonlocomotor skills are essential for balance and body stability; they include balancing, swaying, turning, twisting, and swinging.
Tatic, happy to be with the people he really loves, was beaming and swaying.
So when you see a field of poppies Swaying crimson, straight and tall.
In Heller's hands, these emerge in images looking like folds in fabric and swaying seaweed.
A woman sitting in her parked vehicle told deputies the pole had been swaying back and forth in the high winds.
THE Millennium Bridge in London is to remain closed for several months while engineers investigate putting in giant shock absorbers to try to prevent it swaying.
Interest has been rekindled recently with reports that the statue is swaying.
If you look closely you will see couples swaying in time with each other," says Dr Collett.
The concrete in the Petronas Towers makes the frame stiff enough to minimize swaying.
In another unusual duet, two monkeys sit together for long periods, swaying gently--with their fingers up each other's nose.