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The sway amplitudes of patients with spine and joint pathology are bigger in both anterior-posterior and mediolateral directions.
Sway amplitudes are higher when the body weight is transferred to one of the legs and increase significantly during the 1--legged stance.
Heaney exploits the ambiguity of sway to suggest how this influence was nonetheless tacitly resisted: the sway--or controlling power--exercised by the "absolute speaker" was tested, he implies, by the swaying--or fluctuating--nature of the response it received.
It is hard to say whether the interrelations of content and image result in an accumulation or a displacement of significance; there is an enhanced authoritative sway but also a swaying instability of reference that calls into question the self-sufficiency of each individual text.
42] The increased body sway seen after the age of 60 is the consequence of cumulative degenerative changes in the vestibular, proprioceptive, sensory, and musculoskeletal systems.
Instability manifests as an exaggeration of the COG sway and is the expression of the difficulty encountered in resisting the destabilizing effects of gravity.