swear off

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Down-market restaurant chains Long John Silver and Red Lobster resist an enviro campaign to swear off engineered seafood.
That leads him to swear off the "favors" business, but when an old friend calls for help, he's back on the streets in another caper, with the memory of Mouse to help him survive.
For starters, all religious leaders should swear off attacking any candidate on the basis of his or her religious views.
This couple was enough to make anyone swear off booze forever.
In a rather sweet news release issued last January, the National Organization for Women called on the nation's male public officials to swear off the sexual spoils system.
if I ever really deserve to I swear I'll swear off all desserts, just or unjust, or mostly.
He was required either to give evidence or to swear off to the effect that he did not know or was not present or to pay a thousand drachmas.