sweep aside

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Foreign minister Brian Cowen and other EU representatives pledged to sweep aside obstacles and win agreement by June 18.
Conservatives have long lamented the left's near monopoly over the institutions of opinion and information, which has enabled liberal opinion makers, including television producers, to present their own views as gospel truth and sweep aside ideas and belief[s] they don't like.
Leamington had probably the biggest crowd of the day in the Vase - 452 - to see them sweep aside Highfield after Martin Thompson had put them ahead in just 21 seconds when he chased down Andy Gowan in the visitors' goal.
PONTRHYDYFEN are on top of the First Division of the Neath and District Bowls League - and their hopes of collecting more silverware are bright as they sweep aside the opposition in convincing style.
COCKY Valencia boss Rafael Benitez last night insisted his team would sweep aside Celtic - despite their massive injury problems.
NIGERIA moved to sweep aside 15 years of corrupt and brutal military rule yesterday with presidential elections that mark the final phase of democracy's return to Africa's most populous nation.
As massive planets in such orbits careen close to their parent stars and swoop back out again, they may sweep aside smaller orbs that circle the same star, including any with Earthlike temperatures.
The flow of water - another significant element in the film - seems to function as both purifier and sanitizer of the old world and a way to sweep aside memories and events that should never be forgotten.
But sweep aside the surface flora and fauna and one discovers balanced main clauses.
In this case, however, the stars are so extraordinary, they sweep aside any reservations one might have about the movie's over-extended story.