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The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to pay nearly $170,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by dozens of homeless people who claim they were improperly arrested during controversial LAPD sweeps of Skid Row.
The sweeps,'' for those uninitiated in broadcasting, is an inside joke between the broadcasters and the advertisers.
The timing is good - with the autumn and winter approaching, the demand for qualified sweeps is increasing.
It is well known to chimney sweeps and inspectors that these deposits must be removed to avoid chimney and structure fires caused by ignition of this unburnt fuel.
The cleaning equipment is designed to give sweeps access along walls, into corners, onto ledges, or into other hard-to-reach areas inside chimneys.
From that day forward the king announced that all sweeps were to be seen as lucky figures.
1]range 2, scope <The island was outside the sweep of our vision.
As occupiers are keeping warm by lighting their coal fires, we are urging them to call a chimney sweep to sweep their chimneys.
A new group of chimney sweeps is chosen approximately every two years by the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and participants are invited based on referrals from former team members.
The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) offers an induction course, which is held at their Chimney Training Centre in Stone, Staffordshire.
2] + 5 = 30 "lines" of chess piece sweeps makes the square an order 5 finite Affine plane.
A renaissance of genuine fireplaces, attributed to the popularity of home makeover programmes, has left the country with not enough sweeps as there are chimneys in need of a clean.