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We certainly look to having other sweepstakes companies follow the disclosure standard and protections for high-activity consumers being set by USPE,'' added Lockyer.
We have a huge, yearlong sweepstakes going on'' with prizes like vacations, air travel, cruises and big-screen TVs, said Margie Healy of Korbel Champagne Cellars in Guerneville.
Canyon senior Lauren Fleshman looks to continue her unbeaten season in the girls' individual sweepstakes at 10:10 a.
Whether it's to plan a favorite summer road trip, a Sunday drive, or just conduct errands about town, people who try MapQuest's new Route Builder (users can map out a trip with up to ten destinations) will be able to enter the Sweepstakes for the chance to win a Crossfire Roadster, valued at approximately $40,000.
For years, the two companies have routinely snooped on each other, tried to persuade magazine publishers to give them exclusives, battled for first crack at mailing lists of sweepstakes devotees and sent prize amounts soaring.
Founded in 1953, PCH has given away almost $200 million in sweepstakes prizes since it started using a sweepstakes in 1967 to draw public attention to its mailings.
Our Stock Car Sweepstakes will take racing enthusiasts out of the stands and into the cars racing around the track," said Kim AuBuchon, Chief Operating Officer for Excitations.
MoneyGram started the sweepstakes 11 years ago as a way of recognizing the importance of Mother's Day in many Latin American cultures.
AmSouth's Million Dollar Your Kind of Bank sweepstakes prize patrol - the church's bankers from AmSouth's Frayser Branch - will visit Pastor Philip Timbs at 3:00 p.
We are excited to partner with Discovery Education again in this year's 'Win a Wireless Lab' sweepstakes, aimed at improving educators' access to instructional technology.