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Along the roadsides, find Meadow Goatsbeard Season and Sweet Clover Season and Buttercup Season.
These diverse cropping systems for forage and grain production include cool-season annual crops, such as oats, peas, and triticale; warm-season annuals, such as corn: and biennial (short-lived perennials) legumes, such as sweet clover.
I was surprised that the earth did not stop my observation; somehow, I followed the imaginary sweet clover down into the ground.
Mick Channon's smart four-year-old Chrysander is also set to go jumping after being bought for 65,000gns by Frank Barry for Barney Curley, while Sweet Clover - a well-connected juvenile consigned by Darley - will join Brian Walsh's fledgling Rheindross Stud after going into training in Ireland.
Plus a new gentle eye make-up remover with cornflower, rose and sweet clover, which calms and softens and removes make-up and impurities whilst strengthening eyelashes.
Fungal decomposition of sweet clover results in the formation of dicoumarol, which is an anticoagulant, but this does not lead to the conclusion that coumarins, per se, cause bleeding.
John's Wort (appears to enhance ultraviolet damage to the crystalline lens), ginseng, bilberry extract, kava kava, as well as a herbal combination of grapeseed extract, gingko biloba, sweet clover, and iodine marketed to combat cellulite.
Lucy has cellulite on her thighs so she should try the supplement Cellutrim (see offer, below) which combines ginkgo biloba, grapeseed extract, kelp and sweet clover to improve circulation, protect skin cells and reduce the build-up of fatty deposits.
Before long I was rewarded when an unsuspecting doe popped through the hole in the fence and immediately buried her head in the sweet clover.
30: Horseweed replaces sweet clover, parsnips and hemlock along the
Ginselect[R] Ginseng, Ginkgoselect[R] Ginkgo, Greenselect[R] Green Tea, Leucoselect[R] Grape Seed, Lymphaselect[R] Yellow Sweet Clover, Madeglucyl[R] Syzygium cumini, Mirtoselect[R] Bilberry, Oleaselect[R] Olive Fruit Extract, Opextan[R] Olive Fruit Extract, Phytosome Bioavailable Products, Sabalselect[R] Saw Palmetto, Soyselect[R] Soy Isoflavones