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The success of Sweet Grass Dairy has relied on the strong support of the Thomasville, GA community.
Chief Sweet Grass was considered a peacemaker by being the first chief to sign treaty 6.
Pairings include Sweet Grass Dairy's Green Hill, a rich double cream cheese with a white bloomy rind that softens as it ages, to accompany Dow's Aged Tawny Port, and Point Reyes Original Blue cheese with Dow's Late Bottled Vintage and Vintage port.
Sweet Grass Farm, a marketer of natural home care products, recently released its Farmhouse Fragrance Sticks, a traditional reed diffuser set.
Berthiaume says they are also starting a program on sweet grass.
The healing effects of sage, sweet grass and other medicines quieted my raging spirit and replaced it with a sense of purpose to my life.
Sweet Grass Farm, an all-natural bath and body line, will donate 10 percent of its sales of the Rose Orange Cinnamon All Natural Hand Cut Soap bar ($3) and the Beach Rose Sea Salts ($5) throughout October.
At the top, I unwrapped my sandwich and fed it to the dogs while Loney munched the sweet grass.
Sweetgrass-which can include sweet grass, sage, cedar and fungus from diamond willow is considered sacred to Aboriginal people and burned to send prayers to the Creator on the smoke.
You can watch nimble hands weave gorgeous sweet grass baskets with skills handed down through generations.
All of these cattlemen, whose roots go generations deep in Montana's Sweet Grass County, would like to pass their ranches on to their kids, but not one of them is sure he can make it happen.
Similarly, another claim holder in Montana bought the rights to an 891-acre site in the Sweet Grass Hills that Jensen says includes some the most environmentally sensitive areas in the state and is also sacred to several Native American tribes.