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As sweet-tempered and large-hearted as he was, he had a toughness too--as a friend said after his death, he was no pussy (even if his nickname was Dr.
Enter Ella Cotswald, Eugene's sweet-tempered fiancee; Lance, an amateur burglar, and his fanatic preacher uncle; and other quirky characters, and the stage is set for some life-changing interactions.
This apparently sweet-tempered little thing about a seamstress (nicely acted by Beatrice Harb) and a mathematician, next-door neighbors who both work at home but don't know each other.
And one of them, a sweet-tempered filly called Bluebell, is one of the tiniest horses in the country - standing just 24 inches high
Summary: And here I thought my Botoxed friends were happy, mellow, and sweet-tempered because a couple of injections of a neurotoxin had eliminated their frown lines, knocked years off their apparent age, and made them no longer look otired and unapproachable,o as the companyAEs website cheerfully puts it.
Sweet-tempered and eager to please, Mahmoud insisted that he would be up the entire duration of my stay should I require anything.
On the site at the moment we have a Vintage Space Invaders Machine, a GBP3 Fish Tank, some Snow Chains, a GBP16 Four Door Double-Storey Rabbit Hutch, 500 Beano Mags, a Pink Electric Guitar, a 2 Bedroom Cottage on The Isle of Wight for GBP190k, 2 Hot Air Balloon Tickets, a Therapists Couch for GBP150, a Sweet-Tempered Shetland Pony for Loan (called Holly) and even a Free Piano.
She was a real visitor to Israel, a sweet-tempered, innocent young woman, and she had strawberry-blond hair, at least before she was rendered into pulp by an Israeli D-9 armored bulldozer, diverted momentarily in its work of smashing Arab homes.
It stands to reason that there must be hundreds of gorgeous sweet-tempered and generally nice black women living in Britain.
Dawn French plays a sweet-tempered member of the Women's Guild who suffers from a personality disorder and emerges as her aggressive alter ego Margaret every so often.
Small fishing boats called "pangas" take whale watchers out among the whales where these sweet-tempered leviathans often approach the boats and welcome a friendly rub from humans.
Until the auction, the sweet-tempered animal is being boarded at the home of Rolf Gustafsson, a Val Verde horse trainer and breeder.