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With the oral administration of Bufzone along with intravenous sodium bicarbonate (once), there was gradual change in rumen pH, rumen motility, rumen protozoa motility, rumen liquor color (from milky gray to greenish brown), rumen liquor odour (from sweetish to aromatic), and rumen liquor consistency (from watery to viscous).
Out in the countryside, every roadside taverna offered a house wine along with meals, and they were always a little pinkish, a little sweetish, fairly low in alcohol, entirely oak-free.
Made from very old vines it's savoury and herbal on the nose while the palate is packed with concentrated, sweetish fruit.
It had a mild, sweetish sauce that was like pata tim sauce.
It has floral, soft, juicy raspberry and damson fruit, limited tannin and a backdrop that combines nutmeg with an attractive sweetish edge.
29, Lidl) is a sweetish fizz with pretty peach notes | The ultimate arm candy for festival goers - a few of these Nicolas Feuillatte 1/4 bottles in Brut and Rose (Brut Reserve PS10, Rose PS12, John Lewis) with their black straps are jut sthe thing for Glasto | A Spanish gem that offers everything in the style stakes, Elyssia Cava Pinot Noir Brut (currently PS45, reduced from PS89.
The end is even fitting with Arroz con leche, a sweetish cinnamon flavoured milky rice baked to perfection.
com) - pronounced o-peer - is a London Dry Gin with a spicy, rich, sweetish palate and lingering herby, peppered finish that lends itself to a gin-based bloody Mary, otherwise known as a red snapper.
With a craving for a sweetish butter chicken, I knew exactly what I was going to order until the chef informed me it was amongst the dishes in the thali (platter of a variety of dishes), that I shouldn't miss
Champagne won't easily forget the 2003 vintage -- it snowed heavily in the winter, causing a substantial loss of berries in their formative stage ( hence the concentration of flavours), and then came a killer summer ( the sun leaves its mark in the sweetish aftertaste).
Instead of the usual English muffin on the base, there's a sweetish brioche-type bread, which worked just fine under the perfectly runny poached egg and buttery Hollandaise sauce.
The Chocolate Shop Wine is a blend of red wine and dark chocolate - leaving a sweetish tipple of cold, boozy cocoa.