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These initiatives include providing ways for investors to explore Swell through mobile and providing new options for investors to discover and share the impact that they are achieving through their investments in Swell.
The porous superabsorbent materials prepared using a foaming technique can swell to their equilibrium state in a few minutes regardless of their size and shape due to the presence of capillary channels.
Die swell (also called extrudate swell or the Barus Effect) is a phenomenon that occurs when the extruded rubber compound leaves the extruder die with a greater dimensional diameter than the diameter of the extrader die head orifice itself.
Swell Advantage, a marine technology startup focused on building new tools and services for recreational boaters, is excited to announce the launch of its first product, the Swell Advantage iOS mobile app.
developed biomodal polyethylenes with a controlled swell using two slurry loop reactors connected to each other.
The swell pressure decreases with increases in moisture content and increases with increase in compaction density.
An effective stripper swells the polymer network to the extent that most of the molecules encountered in the walls of a fissure are solvent molecules, so the normal conditions of capillary rise are not met.
When this happens, the tendons swell up in the sheathes that surround them and cause achy pains, chronic swelling and weakness that cannot be corrected by exercise.
To exploit this force for folding, Lee and his colleagues combined two hydrogel layers: one that swells a great deal and one that doesn't swell.
Two new low-durometer TPUs offer high moisture transmission and low swell for improved dimensional stability.