swell the ranks

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Running in among them to swell the ranks, I was very near the chaise when it rolled away; and I had a lively impression made upon me, in the midst of the noise and dust, of having seen Mr.
Barratt Developments North East will swell the ranks by 600 this year alone as it strives to meet targets, while Alnwick-based Cussins is taking on some 500 new employees.
A statement said : "Thus the Twente safety region will now swell the ranks of the various international fire brigades that have opted for comfortable firefighting clothing ased on advanced protective materials from TenCate.
Hydraquip, a national company with 10 locations across the country, formed a rescue package which has safeguarded the remaining workforce and it is now seeking to re-employ people to swell the ranks.
COVENTRY Cathedral is to host a volunteer recruitment morning to help swell the ranks of tour guides and helpers at the city's main attraction.
It includes proposals for the easy transfer of Defence Forces personnel to An Garda Siochana to help swell the ranks of the force.
A Wall Street Journal reporter found out why: Many of the chanting protesters were non-union day workers hired by carpenters' union officials to swell the ranks of the demonstrators, to make the union look more powerful.
Oliver Longmore, aged 28, has joined Orchestra of the Swan, artists in residence at Birmingham Town Hall, under the Young Professionals on Arts Boards scheme to help swell the ranks of its business supporters.
She told the August 3 Huffington Post that, simply put, she is hoping the publicity will help swell the ranks of Affiliated Agents, who will remain innominate.
A JUDO instructor and a student are the latest to swell the ranks of the army reserves.
Speaking ahead of an "Agriculture Summit" organized by the Group of Eight industrialized nations this weekend in Italy, Nabarro said the crisis would swell the ranks of the estimated one billion who are at risk of malnutrition.
Experts worry that the highest unemployment rate in 16 years, combined with a health care system dependent on employer-sponsored health insurance, is a recipe for disaster, and will swell the ranks of the uninsured, particularly if people aren't using COBRA.