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Then let my father ask for the colt, that has never been ridden, but which is sleeker than the buck, and swifter than the elk.
But, already, swifter, more fleeting than the voice of the echo, Erik's voice had leaped back behind the wall!
Man's life alone, swifter than time, speeds onward to its end without any hope of renewal, save it be in that other life which is endless and boundless.
But it might have been noticed that the farther she got away from the company and the nearer to the edge of the woods, the swifter and straighter grew her pace.
The long quiet stretches of river gave way to swifter water, and progress was slower and more dogged.
The project aimed to develop mental health provision while giving young people swifter and easier access to mental health professionals.
To help with concerns over daily pet hair cleanup, Swifter gifted each of the nearly 5,000 adopters with a coupon for a new Swifter Sweeper, an essential tool for pet owners because it quickly and efficiently picks up three times more dirt, hair and dust than a broom and dustpan.
A SWIFTER and more streamlined eviction process in the buyto-let sector would encourage more landlords to enter the market and provide a greater choice of properties for reliable tenants looking for private rental accommodation, says Landlord Assist.
Particularly, they should facilitate access to the status of authorised economic operator (AEO), a European scheme which reinforces swifter customs procedures for more than 11,000 known reliable traders.
A drop in energy prices is forcing the company through which Peoria engages in municipal power aggregation to take swifter action.
The agenda includes, among other matters, issues related to best practices in the application of sanctions, co-operation between state institutions and the private sector, and the contribution of the IWG to ensuring a swifter recovery of Syria.
NEIL KING has a strong jumping team at St Gatien Stables and his progressive A Little Swifter looks the answer to the Betfred Mares' Novices' Chase at Huntingdon on Thursday.