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There was a leap, swifter than his unpractised sight, and the lean, yellow body disappeared for a moment out of the field of his vision.
A YOUNG FAWN once said to his Mother, "You are larger than a dog, and swifter, and more used to running, and you have your horns as a defense; why, then, O Mother
Yet nothing we have heard or have been told suggests there is any credible basis for supposing this will bring a swifter resolution to the crisis or will somehow safeguard our country.
Others laid into the Tory Government for failing to take swifter action to help the embattled industry.
Like their predecessors, both models feature a modular concept that allows for faster delivery of machines that are said to be economically priced while offering high precision and swifter drive systems.
To help with concerns over daily pet hair cleanup, Swifter gifted each of the nearly 5,000 adopters with a coupon for a new Swifter Sweeper, an essential tool for pet owners because it quickly and efficiently picks up three times more dirt, hair and dust than a broom and dustpan.
When asked what benefits this initiative brings upon TPP's clients, Bu Farousha explained: "This smart payment will make the payment of fines swifter and easier and particularly to convicts sentenced in absentia.
A SWIFTER and more streamlined eviction process in the buyto-let sector would encourage more landlords to enter the market and provide a greater choice of properties for reliable tenants looking for private rental accommodation, says Landlord Assist.
Any government action to bring swifter reviews of legal challenges is welcomed, and will allow approved infrastructure projects to continue with certainty of timing, while creating jobs and a potential kick-start to local economies.
The service is being showed off by the PKP as a swifter alternative to shipment by sea.
This decision of the European Commission must be accepted as a strong motivation for intensive implementation of reforms but mainly as support for swifter name solution as our greater challenge, not only in obtaining a EU membership but also NATO membership," BDI stated.
Is this how time lays on our lives - the tighter we hold it, the swifter it moves on?