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The two borzois of the huntsman who had sighted him, having been the nearest, were the first to see and pursue him, but they had not gone far before Ilagin's red-spotted Erza passed them, got within a length, flew at the hare with terrible swiftness aiming at his scut, and, thinking she had seized him, rolled over like a ball.
I sank to the ground, and my injurer, with increased swiftness, escaped into the wood.
These fowls, of which I have seen many, are very tame, and when they are pursued, stretch out their wings, and run with amazing swiftness.
Monk made his calculations, at a thousand desertions a day Lambert had men enough to last twenty days; but there is in sinking things such a growth of weight and swiftness, which combine with each other, that a hundred left the first day, five hundred the second, a thousand the third.
Lady Greystoke had been sitting a little way from the cabin, and when she heard his cry she looked up to see the ape springing with almost incredible swiftness, for so large and awkward an animal, in an effort to head off Clayton.
We may," he replied; "but you will find that the Sagoths can move with incredible swiftness, and as they are almost tireless they are doubtless much fresher than we.
Valbuena noted the swiftness with which President Duterte managed to double the salaries of the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines earlier this year, while his campaign promise of a bigger salary for teachers had stalled.
I applaud Air India pilot Captain Anupama Kohli's presence of mind and swiftness in steering the plane up from the Vistara aircraft.
Swiftness is important here because it has spared the victim's family unneccessary anguish and pain that long drawn-out court proceedings usually bring.
Mr Coppinger wrote: "Your swiftness to criticise, and absence of any public support when the Force does well, not only impacts on staff morale but reflects a view I often hear expressed that you wish to see the Force fail.
His remarks came during his meeting with Irish Ambassador to Cairo and Amman, Sean O'Regan on Sunday, and highlighted swiftness of re-exporting transit goods, a process handled in no more than a weektime period.
Missing is the swiftness and style that attended the appointment of the first Cabinet in 2013.