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37 non-banking financial institutions in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) have swindled funds worth over INR380m over a period of ten years.
Altogether, the three are now alleged to have conspired to defraud 17 pension funds and to have swindled about 24.
The plaintiffs in the case, 10 businessmen, alleged that the chairman and owner had swindled AED 25.
The Egyptian head of the Real Estate Department in DIB told the Criminal Court of First Instance that the bank was swindled out of more than $500 million because of bogus business operations of sales and purchases carried out by five businessmen.
Tanaka had initially instructed ministry officials to consider a having all ministry officials take part in reimbursing such pooled money, including the money allegedly swindled by Asakawa.
Matsuo, 55, indicted for the fourth time, allegedly padded accommodation expenses and hotel bills for four overseas trips by late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi between September 1998 and June 1999, bringing the total he has allegedly swindled to about 479 million yen, according to the indictment.
Last month, as fresh allegations emerged that he had also swindled bequests to a local hospital and church, Forster reacted by jetting off to Portugal with wife Janette for a golfing holiday.
The victims who fail to report these crimes are often found to be naive individuals who do not know they have been swindled, and if they do, they do not know to whom to turn once a swindle has occurred (Blum 1972).
They were based on real-life criminals like John Sadleir of the Tipperary Bank, the model for Dickens' Merdle in Little Dorrit; the sanctimonious Jabez Balfour, who swindled the depositors of the Liberator Building Society out of millions of pounds before fleeing to Argentina; and fraudulent company promoters like George Hudson, the "railway king" and friend until bankruptcy of the Queen, Prince Albert and the Duke of Wellington; Harry J.
A recent victim was reported to have been swindled out of more than a million pesos by a member of the "Budol-Budol" gang after the perpetrator promised to buy real estate properties once their victim agrees to purchase the fertilizers they are selling.
The South African complained to the police when he realised that he had been deceived and swindled.
Convicted fraudster Bradley Ruderman swindled victims in a Ponzi scheme, in which he robbed Peter to pay Paul.