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SWINDLER, criminal law. A cheat; one guilty of defrauding divers persons. 1 Term Rep. 748; 2 H. Blackst. 531; Stark. on Sland. 135.
     2. Swindling is usually applied to a transaction, where the guilty party procures the delivery to him, under a pretended contract, of the personal property of another, with the felonious design of appropriating it to his own use. 2 Russell on Crimes, 130; Alison, Prine. Cr. Law of Scotland, 250; Mass. 406.

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It was even filthier and more crowded than the county jail; all the smaller fry out of the latter had been sifted into it--the petty thieves and swindlers, the brawlers and vagrants.
I am speaking, as before, of injustice on a large scale in which the advantage of the unjust is more apparent; and my meaning will be most clearly seen if we turn to that highest form of injustice in which the criminal is the happiest of men, and the sufferers or those who refuse to do injustice are the most miserable--that is to say tyranny, which by fraud and force takes away the property of others, not little by little but wholesale; comprehending in one, things sacred as well as profane, private and public; for which acts of wrong, if he were detected perpetrating any one of them singly, he would be punished and incur great disgrace-- they who do such wrong in particular cases are called robbers of temples, and man-stealers and burglars and swindlers and thieves.
Then she is enraged again, and makes some mention of swindlers.
Perhaps you would like to call us swindlers, sir,' said Dodson.
TOWER HEIST Film4 9PM PREMIERE Ben Stiller wants smarmy Wall Street swindler Alan Alda to pay for stealing pension funds.
FAISALABAD -- CIA police nabbed a group of swindler gang alongwith its head and recovered materials from their possession.
A GLOBETROTTING benefit swindler who claimed she had a fear of open spaces faces jail after being convicted of fraud.
The alleged swindler is wanted for prosecution on charges of breach of trust, as per Article 296 of the Omani Penal Code.
If you are on a work assignment and/or renting an office or home in a foreign country you need to be aware that you are perceived as someone who can be taken advantage of -- and most likely the swindler can get away with it.
Knowing the victim had bought the ruse, the swindler told the victim that he had to keep the matter secret until he received the prize so the company granting the prize could unveil it later as part of a grand publicity campaign.
org) in Farmington Hills announced the promotion of Rebecca Swindler to its director of programs.
In an astonishing interview, serial swindler Bint revealed that he has stolen pounds 2million during his criminal career - and blown the lot.