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My lord, with forty thousand a year; Sir John, with property in half a dozen counties -- those are the men who never forgive the genteel beggar for swindling them out of a sovereign; those are the men who send for the mendicity officers; those are the men who take care of their money.
Murder, manslaughter, arson, forgery, swindling, house- breaking, highway robbery, larceny, conspiracy, fraud?
The accused have links with other criminals in other provinces and they used various swindling tactics including doubling the money to deprive innocent people of their money, mobile phones and other valuable items.
A CONMAN with an "addiction" to swindling money from vulnerable women on dating websites has been jailed for four years.
Meanwhile, another FIA inspector Aadil arrested another such fraudulent agent, Abdul Rauf of Kalar Syedan for swindling Rs 2 million from someone under false promises of sending him to London.
Prosecutors charged my client with forgery, swindling and embezzlement without any substantiated evidence or proof.
Earlier, prosecutors charged the three suspects with fraud for allegedly swindling other pension funds in a similar manner.
large-scale telecom-based swindling case, in collaboration with their
Freeman had admitted swindling more than 300 investors out of pounds 14million.
Summary: SHARJAH -- Two Nigerians, who recently entered the country on visit visas, were nabbed by Sharjah Police for engaging in swindling activities.
The CBI hinted of his links with militant outfits in the state, a pointer to the politician- militant- bureaucrat- contractor nexus involved in swindling government funds.
She was additionally charged with breach of trust and swindling more than Dh100,000 from her boss.