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Captain Hodgson opens the underbody colloid, swings the heavy pithing-iron out of its rack which in liners is generally cased as a smoking-room settee, and at two hundred feet releases the catch.
This dive proprietor swings a string of votes in his precincts--a mighty long string.
The holiday makers who roam this region had not wholly dispersed; a few couples sat shapelessly on benches; and here and there a distant girl still shrieked in one of the swings.
Of Pan and the elemental forces, the public has heard a little too much--they seem Victorian, while London is Georgian--and those who care for the earth with sincerity may wait long ere the pendulum swings back to her again.
Then he took one of his golf clubs from the bag and indulged in several half swings.
He tries this, swings it, poises it, and lays it by, with the knapsack, on a window-seat.
The Iron Man lost control, and rushed and plunged, delivering great swings and upper-cuts of man-killing quality.
It was almost exactly thus that he had felt in the days when he had gone in for boxing and had stopped forceful swings with the more sensitive portions of his person.
The effect is curiously me- chanical; the sun climbs and descends, the night swings over our heads as if somebody below the horizon were turning a crank.
You wait," he repeated, balanced in great swings with his back to Jukes, motionless and implacable.
The wretched creature stands beneath the gibbet on the ground; the rope about his neck; and when the sign is given, a weight at its other end comes running down, and swings him up into the air - a corpse.
said the man, extending a hand the size of the yellow clump of fingers which sometimes swings over a glover's door.