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To be a dancer in America in the Thirties and Forties--the decades when Martha Graham was moving earth with her flexed foot, Eugene Loring was playing Cowboys and Indians to Copland, Antony Tudor was pulling G-force expressionism from a classicism in stays, Jerome Robbins was coining character with a jukebox genius for vernacular, and George Balanchine was taking dictation from God (lightning speed, catpaw quiet) and a footnote from Fred Astaire (that swingy, selfless style)--to dance was a vocation.
Fresh Produce offers a popular solution in its short and swingy little fish-print beach dress.
Swingy jackets add dimension and drama to lean sheaths, wide leg pants and cuffed, cropped jeans.
Your summer staple (a tee decked with blue and white lines) shows its cool side with power plaid leggings and a swingy coat
What works: gray pearls, floral accents and swingy pearl tassels.
Hayden Panettiere came in a swingy cream skirt by Praven paired with an embellished Giorgio Armani bodice and black Christian Louboutin heels.
uk The mid-length 'going out' skirt Light-as-air fabrics for autumn look great on swingy skirts and take the ladylike trend from the office to the evening.
She already wears wigs regularly, although this being Gaga, there's a good chance she'd put on a hairpiece even if she had the shiny, swingy mane of a Timotei model.
I love that people appreciate my jazzy, swingy, raw music but I also like the idea they are going to get blasted by a big electric guitar in summer.
But by popular demand, the swingy fiddles gave way to the sultrier tempos of charanga, son, mambo, Latin jazz and Afro-Cuban congas.
Jack and The King find they have much in common, and finish it all off with a bluesy, swingy jam called "The Swing Thing