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Rogers contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the One Swipe to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
The European Union has been fighting Visa and MasterCard (NYSE: MA) for years over exorbitant swipe fees that ultimately lead to higher consumer prices.
Merchants paid banks more than $30 billion last year in credit card swipe fees - money that could have been used to create jobs and lower prices.
But, students and staff will have to swipe to get into the main teaching areas.
Most advanced nations use cards embedded with computer chips that provide better protection against fraud and have much lower card swipe fees.
The Fed proposed a number of options that would result in reduced swipe fees for debit-card transactions.
Numerous bacteria contaminated plates were prepared throughout the summer - all in the same manner - so each type of bacteria could be tested with five different types of wipes and then again with varying amounts of swipes - one swipe, three swipes and five swipes.
If the proponents of the bill truly want to protect consumers, they would not prohibit retailers from disclosing the real cost of swipe fees or consumers from choosing the lowest payment option.
lt;No, she wouldn't swipe Christmas greens from a graveyard .
The current swipe system, which requires consumers to run their card through a narrow trough, or a simple cash transaction take twice as long.
And before bed each night, softly swipe your skin with astringent, like Sea Breeze Actives Deep-Clean Astringent ($5, drugstores).