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The Switch 4500 enhances 3Com's edge-to-core LAN switch portfolio that also includes 3Com's premium stackable switch, the Switch 5500, as well as the modular Switch 7700 and the Terabit-capacity Switch 8800 for large networks spanning thousands of users.
With switch management software, users are able to view multiple SAN fabrics from a single management console.
Vitesse is the only vendor offering a switch with an integrated CPU and comprehensive software capable of providing managed Layer 2 functionality.
AMCC's leading PRS40G-ATCA switch blade provides control plane Ethernet switch functionality and a data plane fabric switch based on the currently defined PICMG 3.
At their best in challenging, high-traffic environments, the SMC8748ML3 and SMC8724ML3 race ahead of the pack with switching capacity as high as 156Gbps for the 48-port switch and 108Gbps for the 24-port version.
The Switch 5500 family, the enhancements to the Switch 7700 family and the previously released Switch 8800, gives 3Com one of the industry's most powerful portfolios of edge-to-core, intelligent networking solutions.
The availability of the Switch 8800 is another reason why I trust 3Com to meet my organization's demanding requirements for supporting strategic platforms for the long term," said David Beer, Corporate Connectivity Manager, UK Ministry of Defense, Bristol.
As a result, a single Glimmerglass Switch Pack, about the size of small toaster, can manage hundreds of optical fibers to support a wide variety of applications.
As the most powerful core switch 3Com has ever offered, the Switch 8800 delivers feature-rich, interoperable networking while significantly reducing the cost-to-acquire, -own and -operate equation," said Mehmet Balos, Vice President of Global Marketing and Corporate Communications, 3Com.
3Com Wireless Switch Solutions Offer Immense Benefits to Enterprise Customers
Advancements with Workgroup Switching Showcased in New SuperStack 3 Switch
By combining ZettaCom's fabric and traffic manager with IDT's proven networking products, the company can address OEM requirements for next-generation serial switch and bridge markets," said Jag Bolaria, senior analyst at The Linley Group.