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Port Rate Scalability: A switch fabric solution needs to scale in the port rates it supports.
The switch fabric is responsible for receiving data from a line card and routing it to the proper destination.
This breakthrough eliminates reassembly, reordering and the associated cell tax that contribute to the cost and complexity of legacy cell-based switch fabrics.
IBM is significantly adding to the granularity and growth options of its switch fabric products, while providing a consistent architecture to preserve customers' investments," said Armando Garcia, vice president of Network Processing, IBM Microelectronics Division.
In core or edge routers, where link utilization and QoS is paramount, segmenting the packets allows for a more efficient utilization of the switch fabric and allows for fine grain bandwidth tailoring.
TeraChip is a fabless semiconductor company providing high-performance merchant switch fabrics for switch and router systems.
As the Switch Fabric market continues to grow, Tier One customers are responding to our low latency, high quality of service capability, which enables voice, video and data services using our industry-leading switch fabric solutions," said Mark Hunsicker, vice president of marketing for AMCC's Communications Group.
PLX is developing silicon controllers based on this new architecture -- the first switch fabric controllers optimized for edge-access communications equipment such as digital subscriber line access multiplexors (DSLAM), media access gateways and wireless base stations.
While the biggest obstacle to broader use of MSFs remains ASIC-based switch fabrics that are the incumbent technology, there is also a renewed threat from GigE, especially in areas of "broadband access" gear.
The agreement aims to blend Lucent's semi conductor chip technologies and StarGen's switch fabric technology to build higher bandwidth, higher reliability solutions for various types of next-generation communications equipment, such as wireless base stations, digital subscriber line access multiplexers and computer telephony systems.
The system combines Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), a Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) switch fabric and multi-rate, high-density Optical Line Cards (OLCs) for services up to 10 Gbps per wavelength in a single 19" shelf.
SAN DIEGO -- AMCC to Continue Switch Fabric Market Leadership with Sixth-Generation PRS Solution, Leveraging New Technology to Deliver Full-Bandwidth Multicast Support and Low Latency for 80 Gbps to 320 Gbps Platforms