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Coun Rachel Lancaster, cabinet member for public services, said: "The scheme to switch off some of the lights on the A444 has been a success so far.
We know that community groups in Wales are taking positive action for the environment and this year we want to celebrate that by finding a champion community to lead the switch off.
Less than 5% of drivers switch off the engine in a rush-hour standstill but if more motorists got into this simple habit damage to the planet would be vastly reduced.
In Britain, 26 town and city councils signed up to switch off non-essential lights as did several historic buildings including Prince Charles' private residence Highgrove House.
When I got the job I brought in my own staff, so when I get my one or two days off, trust me I do switch off.
UK businesses are being urged to save energy and switch off this weekend in a nationwide campaign to reduce CO2 emissions.
When I hear the whingeing Irish voice I switch off.
He and his fellow members of Team SecureHorizons will attempt to break their 1994 masters (ages 60 and over) record of eight days, five hours and 17 minutes by employing a unique strategy of forming two teams of two riders that will switch off biking duties for eight-hour periods.
With AutoLifeSaver, Android users never again have to manually switch off WiFi or Bluetooth just to save battery life - AutoLifeSaver will do that automatically and improves battery life by up to 30% by managing WiFi and Bluetooth based on location.
These lights switch on at normal times at dusk but switch off around midnight, they then switch back on around 5am and remain on until dawn.
Following Tanzania, Rwanda will become the second country in sub-Saharan Africa to switch off its analogue television signal.
We will switch off from the Champions League now and then switch on again.