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The latest switch off follows a pilot scheme to kill about 130 of the 250 street lights along the A444 between Binley Road, near Gosford Green, and the Ricoh Arena roundabout.
I'm sure that community groups in Wales will come up with great entries in this competition and be in the running to lead the big switch off right across the UK.
control, mea handlA ab ath to And kids trying to abuse the car beware - the stereo will switch off.
Less than 5% of drivers switch off the engine in a rush-hour standstill but if more motorists got into this simple habit damage to the planet would be vastly reduced.
This year, the World Wildlife Fund-sponsored initiative aimed to have 1 billion people switch off their lights for at least an hour, as participants in a unified vote against global warming.
Our Fit for the Future team will continue to encourage people to switch off as part of their everyday routine, as well as repeating the campaign in the future.
In Copenhagen the famed Tivoli Gardens said it would also switch off along with the City Hall.
Since taking charge of Sunderland in August 2006, Keane admits he's learned how to switch off and relax - something he regrets not having as a player.
A YOU need to learn how to switch off from work so you can get the necessary rest that will let you do your job properly.
When you switch off the VAA power switch, you stop power from going to the VAA and the radio, but not to the loudspeaker
It was interesting at the beginning but as it ground on and on I realised that it was a switch off.
In Miami next December I might switch off an entire neighborhood: I like turning things off, the game of it, the slight perturbation of th e world.