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That was a good word of thine, Mopo, which taught me to set the snare for them; yet methought I saw thee start when Nobela, queen of the witch-doctresses, switched death on thee.
And there was no need for the skeleton key after all; the boy opened the outer door with one of his own, and switched on the lights before leaving us.
He rose from the sill, drew blind and curtains carefully, then switched on the light himself.
We were standing near the door, and I could swear he touched me; then his boots creaked, there was a rattle in the fender--and Raffles switched on the light.
And, behind, the horse nodded over the rail and switched on.
He began to look at the matter from Claire's viewpoint, and his pity switched from himself to her.
At this his interlocutor, smiling mockingly above the bristling bow of his necktie, switched the conversation into French.
The new switch enables service providers to use their existing 5ESS platform to evolve their circuit switched networks to Internet Protocol networks.
Enhancing the back-end FCAL buses of a storage server from a loop topology to a switched topology can significantly improve availability, performance, and even overall system cost.
An industry first, the Switch Shelf delivers transparent, non-blocking switched connections for up to 1360 fibers, in a product the size of a microwave oven, with insertion losses of less than 2 dB.