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We intend to run the trial into 2015 - with lighting on the four new roads being switched off in early July.
The lights will be switched off only after 10pm and due consideration will be given to the requirements of intersections and road curves in order to maintain traffic safety," said Maitha.
But he added: "I remain concerned as to how they came to be switched off in the first place, given the clear feedback from police in the risk assessments.
The international event will see lights at landmarks across the world switched off to highlight climate change and the role of fossil fuels in power.
Head of World Wildlife Fund Cymru, Anne Meikle said: "I'd like to thank every one of the individuals, business, local authorities, landmark managers and anyone else who signed up and switched off for Earth Hour 2010.
The mother of a severely-disabled little boy known as Baby RB told today how she cuddled him with his father as they switched off his life support system.
30pm on Saturday, March 28th, when it switched off all unnecessary lights, lowered all A/C units and turned off all non-essential electrical devices throughout its offices and branches in recognition of Earth Hour.
Power in the cells will be switched off during the day.
SYDNEY/LONDON: People switched off lights across the world yesterday, dimming buildings, hotels, restaurants and bars to show concern at global warming.
Almost two-thirds of viewers - 63 per cent - do not know that analogue TV will be switched off, according to new research.
Figure 2 shows the differential UCN spectrum, as seen by the UCN detector, with the magnetic field switched on to 5 T and the differential UCN spectrum with the magnetic field switched off divided by factor of two because it is an unpolarized beam with two spin components.
SOUTHERN STAR: Gay switched off over North; RIOT: Turn-off

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