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The PI-40SAX--the third evolution of Agere's switching chip product line--will empower telecom original equipment manufacturers of the world to revolutionize the way carriers look at their equipment and could very well be the catalyst needed to help telecommunications service providers to finally return to profitability," Eric Mantion, an analyst with In-Stat/MDR.
Intra-shelf switching alone will also produce a bandwidth dividend, but only when each pair of FC-AL loops runs to a single disk shelf.
Cisco expanded the high-end of its switching portfolio with the introduction of an 8-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet module for its Catalyst 6500 Series switches.
With the Westwave switch, service providers have access to the same traditional switching functionality but with improved switching performance and opportunity for new revenue opportunities.
Embracing the FC-AL protocol, a Loop Switch eases the addition of switching and provides a flexible building block for continued SAN evolution and rapid depl oyment.
Built for robust workgroup switching today, the SMC8024L2 has the flexibility to allow for growth and configuration changes, as well as upgrades to future features.
Further, as the complexity and diversity of the various protocols and switching algorithms continue to grow, many OEMs must now face the need to focus on those areas where they can offer significant product differentiation with limited engineering resources.
The survey investigate switching drivers and barriers, price savings required to switch and intentions for considering switching in the future.
Built for robust workgroup and backbone switching today, the SMC8748ML3 and SMC8724ML3 can be mixed or matched for stacking up to eight units high, and have the flexibility to allow for upgrades to even more features that will be released in the future.
Additionally, with 3Com's patented XRN(R) technology, eight switches can be managed as a single unit, with fully distributed switching and resilient connections, creating a 'virtual chassis.
Glimmerglass, a pioneer of fiber connection management, will introduce Glimmerglass Switch Shelf, the industry's largest and most scalable, low-loss switching solution at OFC/NFOEC 2005 in Anaheim, CA (Laser2000 booth #1646).
It uses dual load-sharing switch fabrics so that adding resiliency will also double switch performance - what 3Com says fully utilizes the switching capacity and investment in the system.