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A data center-optimized 8-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet module for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches, designed to be able to deliver up to a 60 percent increase in local switching performance while lowering 10GbE price-per-port by approximately 30 percent;
China-based Zhongxing Telecom Equipment Corporation (ZTE)--the largest listed telecommunications equipment manufacturer in China*--is designing in Agere's chip for use in its multi-service switching equipment platform.
With inter-shelf switching, place an external switch on each loop connecting the controllers and disk shelves (JBODs or SBODs).
Designed to handle high-bandwidth applications at speeds reaching up to 48Gbps with a non-blocking single chip switching architecture, the SMC8024L2 provides cost-effective, gigabit Ethernet switching for demanding networks that require management capabilities.
The V-Switch is a one-of-a-kind, fully featured software solution that costs significantly less to deploy than traditional switching technology," says Dave Ehreth, President and CEO, Westwave Communications.
These cost and complexity barriers have severely limited the addition of switching within the SAN.
This brief examines residential consumers attitudes, behaviours and likely actions regarding switching power supplier for the coming 12-36 months, based upon a survey of households in selected States.
The demonstration uses both switching systems and incorporates Lucent Technologies' TrueWave RS (Reduced Slope) Fiber.
Synchronous serial backplane switch fabric/transceiver chipsets (Fig 1) maintain faster switching and configuration speeds and are highly scalable as compared to switch ICs that employ shared memory, asynchronous, or parallel switch fabrics.
Our 3Com Switch 5500G-EI is ready for prime time against any competitor in enterprise bids for LAN switching worldwide," said Brian Allain, vice president of 3Com's Data Business Unit.
In the future, most commonly used load balancing capabilities will be incorporated into switching devices; the more specialized Layer 7 capabilities will continue to evolve within appliances working alongside switches in a complementary fashion.
It includes extensive Layer 2 switching and dynamic Layer 3 routing functionality, which provides the "intelligence" necessary for today's demanding business networks.