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Symphony Hall will be switching off its external lighting and Birmingham Hippodrome will be switching off the front of house lights.
Mall of the Emirates, the leisure, entertainment and shopping destination, performed Earth Hour by switching off all tenants' exterior signage, as well as 50 per cent of its parking lights.
By driving through the streets you burned a lot of fuel and emitted gases which would have greater impact on the environment than what you saved by switching off.
The initiative, which is part of Ajman City Centre's effort to support sustainability and environmental initiatives to combat climate change, will see the mall switching off the lights of its exterior faE*ade for one hour on March 27 night.
In Aberystwyth the National Library for Wales will also be switching off.
Drivers who park at the side of the road to complete paperwork or make a phone call should switch off because idling the engine for more than 10 seconds uses up more fuel than switching off and restarting again," he said.
But staff at Frankley Water Treatment Works and Ray Hall in Birmingham recorded a significant energy saving of 28 per cent and 23 per cent respectively in one day by switching off all non-essential office electrical equipment over the weekend.
Last year, prisoners were told to cut their carbon "footprints" by switching off TVs, radios and lights in cells when not in use.
Switching off can save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
FAMILIES in the Midlands have staged a bizarre protest - by switching off their Christmas lights.
And the lynch-pin of Irish chat revealed how the mention of Northern Ireland had viewers switching off in droves when the subject came up on RTE's Late Late Show.
Switching off and then restarting a modern engine for short periods actually wastes more fuel than it saves.