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The swelling range of aqueous [BMIM]CI, in which cellulose can be swollen but not dissolved, was in the range of 2-5% water content in aqueous [BMIM]CI solution.
After 60 min, the swollen particles were weighed again, and AUL (absorbency under load) was calculated using Eq.
For example, the weight ratio of the swollen polymer to the dry polymer (g swollen polymer/g dry polymer) is called the swelling ratio, q.
A South Korean smartphone retailer has reported that it has an iPhone 8 unit with a seemingly swollen battery.
but they come with their perils - one of which is swollen ankles while flying.
The swollen hydrogel was filtered through an 80 mesh sieve to remove the non-absorbed water and weighed in set intervals, and the swelling degree ([Q.
Objective: To determine the frequency of different causes of painful swollen leg in patients referred for sonographic examination at a teaching hospital.
Lately, my ankles have been so swollen that it's causing discomfort.