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Mary looked at his poor little tired face and swollen eyes and her heart relented.
I crawled up from the floor, and saw my face in the glass, so swollen, red, and ugly that it almost frightened me.
There were not so many papers about, as I should have expected to see; and there were some odd objects about, that I should not have expected to see - such as an old rusty pistol, a sword in a scabbard, several strange-looking boxes and packages, and two dreadful casts on a shelf, of faces peculiarly swollen, and twitchy about the nose.
In the meantime the captain, whom I had observed to be wonderfully swollen about the chest and pockets, had turned out a great many various stores--the British colours, a Bible, a coil of stoutish rope, pen, ink, the log-book, and pounds of tobacco.
But now that the number of wires had swollen from hun- dreds to thousands, the overhead method had been outgrown.
As he approached the stream he saw that it had become swollen by recent rains into quite a pretty torrent.
Her eyes were red and swollen, nothing of their beauty remained, nothing looked out of them save her bitter and exceeding grief; it was as if a gray cloud covered the place through which the sun had shone.
The features of that face were hard to read, drink had so swollen them, drink had so painted them, in tints that varied from brick-red to mulberry.
Even the deep, burning eyes seemed set amongst swollen flesh, for the lids and pouches underneath were bloated.
I stood up and found my foot with the loose heel swollen at the ankle and painful under the heel; so I sat down again, took off my shoes, and flung them away.
I was pretty drunk yesterday, D'Artagnan," said he, "I can tell that by my tongue, which was swollen and hot this morning, and by my pulse, which was very tremulous.
He found the prisoner in the same position, as if fixed there, his eyes swollen with weeping.