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She therefore no sooner opened the door, and saw her master standing by the bedside in his shirt, with a candle in his hand, than she started back in a most terrible fright, and might perhaps have swooned away, had he not now recollected his being undrest, and put an end to her terrors by desiring her to stay without the door till he had thrown some cloathes over his back, and was become incapable of shocking the pure eyes of Mrs Deborah Wilkins, who, though in the fifty-second year of her age, vowed she had never beheld a man without his coat.
Netizens swooned over the 'cute' and 'handsome' toddler that will become the presidential son.
She has long ago stopped swooning over me; maybe I should change my deodorant (maybe I should use one), but she swooned over Cliff again when she saw him on television performing a song from his new album - The Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll Songbook.
Jennifer Phillips and Claire Benton paused to sniff their posies, then swooned and collapsed.