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He appeared on Loose Women as a guest and had females (and a few males) from 20 to 60 swooning all over him.
Apparently inspired by 20th Century Fox's offer - one that was rejected - to write and direct an adaptation of ``Wuthering Heights,'' Shyamalan has fashioned a swooning love triangle full of repression and earnestness.
Critics fell all over themselves trying to describe his romantic appeal, which proved to be as powerful to many male moviegoers as to the legions of Novello's swooning female fans.
When d'Amboise shifts this swooning creature from one arm to the other, it seems as if he were shifting the wind.
If this singer has endured a consistent criticism, it's that she's mannered, that she mugs, that with her stage tics - arched eyebrows, bug eyes, swooning - she stoops to conquer.
KISSING is a pleasurable pastime that increases release of hormones such as oxytocin (which helps bind people together) and PEA, which is chemically related to amphetamine and responsible for the initial swooning feelings of falling in love.
But a high point of the evening is a rare appearance by the choreographer herself, who does a yearning, swooning dance of the upper body against huge closeup projections of colorful fish.
Elsewhere, driving tempos give way to moody soundscapes dotted by pianos, jangling guitars and Walsh's swooning vocals, such as on the songs ``Fidelity,'' ``Some of Us'' and ``Telling Them.
But soon it became apparent that Mosina (who at one point in rehearsal was so despondent at fulfilling the requirements of the role that she nearly quit) had mastered an authentically keen edge to the movement, the knee work, the swooning back-bends, and the telling gestures of the Graham style.
But that doesn't keep Vlad's gay bunkmate, Michael (Robin De Jesus) from swooning - and trying his luck.