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These include scantily clad, curvaceous ex-girlfriend Vicki (Deborah Kara Unger, whose Southern accent comes from Georgia, not Oklahoma); her tough-guy husband, Ronnie (Spader, who wears leather motorcycle pants while everyone else is swooning in the heat); and her thuggish brother (Michael Rooker), whose idea of how to end a relationship with a woman involves assault and battery.
From an evolutionary perspective, the experience of love - the swooning, the fawning, the gushing - is just nature's way of getting people to mate efficiently.
As smoldering Fitzwilliam Darcy, actor Colin Firth sent female viewers swooning in A&E's steamy ``Pride and Prejudice.
Tartuffe, meanwhile, exaggerates his martyrdom by swooning into Orgon's lap (like Jesus in Mary's lap, suggesting a Pieta) and shortly thereafter slumping with his arms outstretched (like the crucified Christ).
She has long ago stopped swooning over me; maybe I should change my deodorant (maybe I should use one), but she swooned over Cliff again when she saw him on television performing a song from his new album - The Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll Songbook.
His utter brilliance made Victorians swoon, but he seemed incapable of swooning back.
When his management noticed what was going on, though, they made sure Mark was rushed in to the club and kept away until the trouble was over, but being a hero just seemed to make the swooning crowd of female admirers swoon even more.
What we did get was Cheryl crying, Cheryl swooning, Cheryl being reunited with an old friend who sings in bingo halls, Cheryl opening her mouth and talking (please make it go away) and Cheryl .
Before art aficionados could stop swooning over Dallas's dazzling new Nasher Sculpture Center, George Michael's longtime boyfriend, Dallas native Kenny Goss, opened a 3,200-square-foot gallery featuring the work of megawatt art stars such as David LaChapelle and Richmond Burton.
She goes along with the idea, swooning to Jack's line that ``if you do the show, we'll be together forever.
His voice is beautiful and the melodies are swooning.
Nor, considering the book's subject matter and context, is it surprising that Olivia Joules frequently flirts with questionable taste: When an Osama bin Laden look-alike is described as a "compelling mixture of soulful and powerful" with "finely drawn features, a straight nose, fine, arched brows, hooded brown eyes," and an "aristocratic" and "languid" bearing, you may find yourself swooning for all the wrong reasons.