sworn enemy

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Come," he said, "you can have no sympathy with Reginald Brott, the sworn enemy of our class, a Socialist, a demagogue who would parcel out our lands in allotments, a man who has pledged himself to nothing more nor less than a revolution.
She regarded every servant who approached her, as her sworn enemy, expressly intending to offer her affronts with the dishes, and to pour forth outrages on her moral feelings from the decanters.
I won't," said Tom, flushing up to his hair, and lumping them all in his mind with his sworn enemy.
Speaker Eduardo Cunha is Rousseff's sworn enemy, and he allowed impeachment proceedings to be introduced into the lower house.
Since Allah commits the babies of all nations to our loving care, Isis are the deliberate, sworn enemy of Allah, because they particularly delight in random slaughter, of Muslim, Jew, Buddhist and Hindu of all ages.
She encounters a fugitive Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons), who has accidentally emailed a party invitation to everyone in the galaxy, including the Boov's sworn enemy, the Gorg.
It is also a mystery why he gifted the medal and purse to his former sworn enemy.
It is the sworn enemy of honesty, truth, integrity, justice, fairness, common sense and free speech.
However, recent history means many now see them as the sworn enemy, with Ian Lavery insisting any such coalition would "make my blood boil".
Death Ray Vision performs for the Benefit for Hurt Reynolds, with Sworn Enemy, Acaro, Full Blown Chaos, Swarm Of Eyes, Stoop Kid and A Wanted Awakening at 6:30 p.
The third underground nuclear test is a resolute and legitimate self-defence measure which was taken to cope with the hostile policy of the US against the DPRK, the US which is the sworn enemy of the Korean people," said Party Secretary of the Ruling Workers Party of Korea , Kim Ki Nam addressing the crowd from the balcony.
On Amazon, twice as many people have been ordering leader Leonardo than sworn enemy Shredder.