sworn evidence

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The 18-year old Cork "bride" confirmed in sworn evidence that the controversial Bishop charged the fee for the marriage in Birr, Co Offaly, last month.
To obtain an impression warrant, the police must provide sworn evidence of their reason to believe evidence will be obtained by this means.
Hiss was the former US State Department officer convicted in 1950 of two counts of perjury arising from his sworn evidence given in 1948 to the House of Representatives Un-American Activities Committee, denying first, that he had had dealings after 1 January 1937 with his accuser, Whittaker Chambers, and, second, that he had passed copies of purloined State Department documents to Chambers for transmission to the Soviet Union.
It will have the power to call witnesses, take sworn evidence and force companies to hand over documents, and will make recommendations aimed at stopping future accidents.
I hold that the general and specific matters relied upon by the defendants, even when the individual matters are considered in combination, are nowhere near strong enough to justify me in rejecting the sworn evidence to the contrary of the bookmaker witnesses.
Sworn evidence was heard from coroners officer George McMillan who said in a statement that, following an autopsy, the cause of Ellie's death was determined as head and neck injuries.
But Maltese police denied today that he had made a report to them or given sworn evidence before the inquiring magistrate.
The case involved a seriously-ill man who was unable to travel to give sworn evidence in Dublin.
and require them to attend before me and give sworn evidence relating to the various issues that remain outstanding," Mitchinson wrote on Feb.
ECHO readers will recall that the sworn evidence of five defence witnesses was ignored by the trial judge.
It is ironic that Manne dismisses sworn evidence on the stolen generation question, subjected to cross-examination, by patrol and other officers in the Cubillo-Gunner cases, while effectively claiming that statements by one or two other officers reflected government policy.
Bacher gives evidence next Monday and Tuesday, with the majority of his sworn evidence relating to Cronje's part in events and the rest concerning other charges he has made about other countries, particularly in last year's World Cup.