sworn statement

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availability of separate affidavits, sworn statements or declarations to be used when one affiant does not have requisite personal knowledge of all required information;
In 1827, New York passed one of the first laws requiring every bank or insurance company to file, with the state comptroller, an annual sworn statement of its affairs.
In a February 27 response, McElroy wrote, "Any sworn statement or similar substantive interviewing conducted by the Investigations branch shall be undertaken in the presence of the attorney or representative in another designated space.
The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said Ryder's defence team had produced a sworn statement from a witness which suggests she had reason to possess the pills.
Mohawk Industries, a flooring manufacturer with $2 billion in sales, complied early, sending in a sworn statement via fax and overnight delivery on Aug.
Anyone who buys a keg of beer in Georgia will have to sign a sworn statement that says where the beer will be distributed, according to a bill passed by the Georgia General Assembly.
The request for sworn statement is not required to have any particular warnings or format.
Ms Lewinsky signed a sworn statement on January 7 denying any sexual relationship with Mr Clinton.
In a sworn statement, Anderson told the majority staff that neither lobbyists, DNC officials, nor anyone from the White House had in any way affected his opinion on the Hudson issue; that Skibine had independently drafted the letter containing the BINS ruling -- and that the BIA had approved only one Section-20 request since the law went into effect in 1988.
Court of Federal Claims today released a sworn statement from the General Services Administration (GSA) that the program has not been certified under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).
Deposits and Guarantees required: Sworn statement of the applicant justifying it enters any of the cases mentioned in Article 43 of the Public Procurement Code, concerning prohibitions bid.