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Given BJP's penchant for copying the Congress in every respect, including sycophancy towards its leader, it is quite possible that the likes of Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu may have taken notes on the utterings so that they can reproduce these dialogues when their leader, who hardly attends Parliament, may be caught napping.
They said that Nokia had suffered from a culture of sycophancy towards Ollila -- at the helm for 14 years until 2006.
Students communicate for the sycophancy motive as a way to get on their instructors' good side or to make a favorable impression.
There is a correlation between the boss' ego and employee sycophancy.
Michael Valpy's fawning colonial sycophancy was almost as revolting as his adoration for the far more contemptible Pope.
9 -- Over the years, more and more people in positions of relative power and authority assume those positions because of connections or outright bribes and once employed, hone their skills of sycophancy and develop connections to assure promotions or lucrative appointments
The sycophancy in all state institutions is shocking.
They must prevent sycophancy in the bureaucracy and create an environment in which bureaucrats will gladly help them execute policy initiatives.
Liam Gallagher was indeed what Peter Kay called him, and pander to anyone, which on a night full of sycophancy was a breath of fresh air.
Macdonald said that "Blair's fundamental flaw was his sycophancy towards those in power .
Vaz said she will 'go down in history' as the first woman Home Secretary and instead of leaving it at that point his smooth charm, eloquence and sycophancy took over, as is his wont; he went on to say that she was the most 'effective' Home Secretary, having to deal with the most difficult of circumstances.