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Biskind seems sycophantically determined to convince readers that Beatty is "one of the foremost filmmakers of his generation.
Unwilling to see the suffering around her, she walks on while Duma in white face and white suit echoing Fanon's powerful postcolonial "black skin, white masks" (1986), offers us an image of a new order of elites whose allegiance to power has him sycophantically arranging the loaves of bread trailing after this Marie Antoinette.
We are at war under a Labour Government which sycophantically suckles up to the USA, and sends our young men and women to die due to their insufficient numbers and poor equipment.
After all, he had obliged her, against her own instincts, to send a copy of Emma to the Countess Morley, whose husband he was cultivating, involving her in an insincere follow-up correspondence that was undoubtedly uncongenial to her; as early as 1795, he was writing sycophantically to Warren Hastings (Papers 153); and his bank had crashed partly because in his eagerness to ingratiate himself with the aristocracy, he had offered a loan of 26,000 [pounds sterling] without proper surety to Earl Moira, who had defrauded him by scampering abroad.
There were no British or American equivalents in the Allied camp of Germany's lickspittle Generals Keitel and Jodl, sycophantically obeying whatever orders were handed down from the Fuhrer.
Apart from the formal pardon at the end, which could be seen as a mere pretext for the play, the great hero Alexander (with whom the new king, Louis XIV, was being sycophantically identified) is much occupied in declaring his love for Taxile's sister Cleophile, in language that could come straight from the salon:
The Prophet Muhammad--"peace be upon him" as the BBC has sycophantically taken to adding when the name is mentioned in its broadcasts--with a cartoon bomb in his turban?
Eager to sycophantically ride on the backs of superstar footballers like Gerrard, they declared: How dare those (and I quote) "witless Scousers" deride little Michael after all he's done for Liverpool.
We've had this conversation before and we sort of rule your views null and void because you're in there sycophantically stroking them all.
For example, that person who introduces himself to you sycophantically is a CREEPER(9)GREETER.