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His failure disappointed the Bolognese merchants and dashed the Curial ambitions of both locals and newly flocking immigrants, such as the careerist Friar Guido Vernani, who thus sycophantically backed the papal regime.
Furthermore, this comment about the Jp was not simply a matter of the canton sycophantically telling the department what it wanted to hear, since the cantonal response was otherwise harsh in its criticism of local roads, the lack of public education, and the mediocre public esprit.
But in a Hollywood that was all too eager to jump on the Roosevelt bandwagon and sycophantically cheer the New Deal, Fields was the great contrarian.
New Labour, I'm afraid, seem to spend all their time sycophantically spinning pretty images and courting celebrities.
They all cooed sycophantically at Mansell's testing times this week.
Maybe loving our OB's more is best - not sycophantically "yessing" them or covering up, but treating them as humans and expecting the same.
The episode was a little too sycophantically gushing about Madonna's talents - the good thing about Glee is its sarcastic tone and sharp one-liners - but let's hope rumours of a sequel are true.