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A headnote; a short note preceding the text of a reported case that briefly summarizes the rulings of the court on the points decided in the case.

The syllabus appears before the text of the opinion. The syllabus generally is not part of the opinion of the court but is prepared by a legal editor employed by a private law book company that publishes court decisions to serve as a quick reference for a researcher. Some courts prepare the syllabus for their own decisions, but in many states the syllabus has no legal effect. Ohio is one exception, however, where the court-prepared syllabus is part of the decision and is considered a statement of the law. In most states, only the opinion of the court containing the original statement of the grounds for the opinion may be used in legal papers in a lawsuit to convince a court or jury of a particular point of law.


Court Opinion.

See: capsule, compendium, outline, pandect, plan, program, prospectus, summary, synopsis
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Further efforts are needed to investigate the syllabi released in 1986 and 1992, as well as the corresponding textbooks, to trace the changes.
We want them to actively participate in political reform and we want to stop sidelining the youth completely, and the core of this is changing the syllabi at educational institutions," Kamel explained.
If they responded to the email indicating that they were willing to participate, they were then sent a second email which included a link to an online survey, a request for two distinct representative syllabi, confidentiality and consent information, and a unique identification number to protect the faculty member's privacy.
I have always completed my course syllabi just because, as faculty, we are required to do so.
Nearly 46% of the syllabi or course schedules included SOA as a topic for class coverage or discussion.
As the syllabi for teacher education courses suggest, there is indeed an ideological consensus around pedagogical progressivism in education schools, but it has had little serious impact on teaching and learning in American schools.
In addition, syllabi can keep faculty on track throughout the semester and help to ensure that the course does not stall at any one point (Royse, 2001).
The context of this analysis was the "model" service learning in teacher education course syllabi shared at the 51st Annual Meeting and Exhibits Program of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education held in Washington, DC in 1999.
The total multicultural score for all competencies across all syllabi was 90 (possible range=0-414).
But principally, teacher organizations strive to enable educators to teach better by establishing training schools, guidelines, benchmarks, syllabi, and publications for their use.
In the spring of 1996 an e-mail conversation took place on the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) newsgroup (listserv) regarding the need for a central location where technical communication faculty could contribute and review syllabi.
Depot," Northwestern's branded implementation of the Xythos WebFile Server, provides a secure, central location that allows faculty and their students to store and share important documents and files such as syllabi, homework, notes, papers, theses, dissertations, graphics, and any other type of digital information.