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A headnote; a short note preceding the text of a reported case that briefly summarizes the rulings of the court on the points decided in the case.

The syllabus appears before the text of the opinion. The syllabus generally is not part of the opinion of the court but is prepared by a legal editor employed by a private law book company that publishes court decisions to serve as a quick reference for a researcher. Some courts prepare the syllabus for their own decisions, but in many states the syllabus has no legal effect. Ohio is one exception, however, where the court-prepared syllabus is part of the decision and is considered a statement of the law. In most states, only the opinion of the court containing the original statement of the grounds for the opinion may be used in legal papers in a lawsuit to convince a court or jury of a particular point of law.


Court Opinion.

See: capsule, compendium, outline, pandect, plan, program, prospectus, summary, synopsis
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The 1978 syllabus mainly focuses on reading aloud, reciting, and writing, with little mention of speaking; by contrast, the 2000 syllabus has lower requirements on writing, but much higher requirements on reading (both reading aloud and silent reading) and speaking.
The agitation is regarding the misleading history of Nadar community in the CBSE syllabus of the ninth standard and we demand that the misleading history be modified by the government urgently," said M P Mohanan.
As the academic year 2011-12 came to a close, three schools in Dubai: Our Own High School, Al Warqa'a, Our Own English High School and Our Own Indian High School decided to discontinue the syllabus for senior classes because students and parents were finding it difficult to keep pace with the curriculum.
An attempt has made here to scrutinize the bachelor program's syllabus of library education of the University since its inception of bachelor program.
We were able to modify the A-10 track of the IFF syllabus by eliminating training that was not value-added and built the two SAT sorties without adding additional sorties to the syllabus, saving both time and money.
With the syllabus come changes to entry, so graduates without a marketing degree may be put on lower-level courses.
Furthermore, the instructor prepares the course syllabus for several stakeholders: students, colleagues, administrators, and accrediting agencies.
Or does the syllabus, rather than constituting the intellectual property of the professor, belong to the institution?
The one or two qualitative class sessions/sections typically preceded several classes addressing statistics, although no explicit content on qualitative data analysis was found in the typical foundation research syllabus.
The aim of our research was to illuminate the new demands on graduates and recent changes in our curriculum, and consequently the necessity to prepare a new syllabus corresponding with the demands of the future employers of our graduates.
This presentation provided an overview of the changes to the Technical Requirements for each of the grades in the upcoming Piano Syllabus, 2008 edition.
News of the City Council's adoption of a new syllabus for religious education in its schools made the Post's front-page recently.