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A headnote; a short note preceding the text of a reported case that briefly summarizes the rulings of the court on the points decided in the case.

The syllabus appears before the text of the opinion. The syllabus generally is not part of the opinion of the court but is prepared by a legal editor employed by a private law book company that publishes court decisions to serve as a quick reference for a researcher. Some courts prepare the syllabus for their own decisions, but in many states the syllabus has no legal effect. Ohio is one exception, however, where the court-prepared syllabus is part of the decision and is considered a statement of the law. In most states, only the opinion of the court containing the original statement of the grounds for the opinion may be used in legal papers in a lawsuit to convince a court or jury of a particular point of law.


Court Opinion.

See: capsule, compendium, outline, pandect, plan, program, prospectus, summary, synopsis
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The first two syllabuses were for three-year and the rest two were for four-year duration.
In the meantime, the second and third syllabuses offered full marks of 1500 and 2000 respectively and their increasing rate was very reasonable, while the full marks dramatically increased in the fourth syllabus than the third one.
A debate on introducing the subject of human rights in school and university syllabuses is nothing new in the Kingdom.
The aim of the changes, so we are told, is "a positive move in terms of helping all students to succeed", thus confirming our suspicion that the whole aim of making exam syllabuses progressively easier is to make sure that, ultimately, nobody fails.
The functional, operational and vocational literacy syllabuses are not designed for direct higher education access.
Maybe the most recent are the pressures being exerted by both the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) and the Human Rights Commission (HRC) that want to include their programs in the syllabuses of both general and university education.
The about-turn by the OCR exam board follows direct intervention by Education Secretary Mr David Blunkett, who said exam boards had a responsibility to ensure that syllabuses were "educationally sound as well as commercially sensible".
Assessments based on the 2000 and 2006 syllabuses will be available concurrently between October 2, 2006 and March 1, 2007.