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Benmakhlouf's use of logic and linguistic materials follow in some ways this tradition, that logic needs not only to bear on demonstration in a strict sense, but also in some forms of syllogism, as the medieval Arabs did.
William of Sherwood begins with an account of statements and propositions and then, following a brief account of predicables and the syllogism, devotes the major parts to dialectical reasoning and property of terms.
You might also see the same syllogism written out as follows:
The enthymeme differs significantly from the other more formal syllogisms, with the prospect of greater listener influence.
Also, it was found that when the syllogism had a valid conclusion in one direction but not the other (experiment 2), participants found the syllogisms in which the valid conclusion coincided with the figure (for example, an A-C conclusion in a figure 4 syllogism) easier to resolve than when the conclusion did not coincide with the figure (for example, a C-A conclusion in a figure 4 syllogism).
It was recognized that the above syllogism is problematic and not generally valid.
meta-continuum), and not merely in ad hoc projective, embedding, and variational procedures (including the popular syllogism of "extra dimensions").
A complex syllogism is a generalization that does not ignore features that justify a departure from the general rule.
In between, in deference to the subject of his upcoming lecture course, Poliziano proposes and defends a syllogism, first outlining what an ideal philosopher looks like, then allowing that it might be worth while to be such a person, then asking why one should not claim to be a philosopher.
For instance, he knew the meaning of isomerism, what a categorical syllogism is and who the Hanseatic League were.
33) Without pursuing the technical question of which syllogisms underlie the three syllogisms of philosophy, I suggest that Hegel's use of syllogism should be understood in the literal sense of a gathering together, of a ZusammenschluB.
Their plastic and verbal mode of expression is a sort of truncated syllogism in which the only two existing propositions express a thought or concept that is unveiled through the reasoning of the beholder.