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Second, easy cases aside, judges do not merely find law in statutes or constitutional texts and apply them syllogistically to present cases.
Syllogistically, the appeal goes something like this: heroines have certain attributes (impoverished families, preternatural intelligence, remarkable skill in the arts).
123) Judges instruct jurors to apply law syllogistically to facts jurors find.
In its emphasis on the mutual totality of the digital and the global, the equation Manovich makes syllogistically smoothes over the instabilities and irregularities within and between them.
at 285 ("[I]t does not syllogistically follow that a person maybe banished from this country upon no higher degree of proof than applies in a negligence case.
While for Aristotle the notion of necessity has a purely logical connection with its object, and the signs he discusses are essentially non-linguistic signs ("semeia" or "tekmeria" which are explainable syllogistically, such as symptoms), for Dante even the linguistic signs or what Aristotle calls "symbols" ("symbola") acquire in part the function of necessity in relation to their object (res extra).
Newman seeks in the earlier parts of the Grammar to distinguish the manner in which we may accede to the truth of the concluding proposition of a formal or mathematical argument, presented syllogistically with well defined premises and a clearly stated conclusion, as opposed to the manner in which someone who practices one's religion says that one believes in God.