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Newman seeks in the earlier parts of the Grammar to distinguish the manner in which we may accede to the truth of the concluding proposition of a formal or mathematical argument, presented syllogistically with well defined premises and a clearly stated conclusion, as opposed to the manner in which someone who practices one's religion says that one believes in God.
Because identity crises may be linked to mental health difficulties, syllogistically, career development may be a preventative measure in precluding severe identity crises.
A contributor to Dijon's Le Bien Public attempted to resolve this contradiction syllogistically when he observed that if "France is a country of diversity," and "unity is not uniformity," therefore "uniformity is nothing more than a gross forgery" (Belloni 6).
As Jim (in Chapter 14 where he declares he would rather have no more adventures (58)) syllogistically invalidates King Solomon's judgment: a dispute cannot be about half a child, but about a whole child, and those who think they can "settle a'spute 'bout a whole chile wid a half a chile, doan know enough to come in out'n de rain" (95).
And when she reasons syllogistically that thoughts are not subject to the law, and that an evil intent is but a thought and thus not punishable, her distinctions, while conforming to early modern English common law, seem irrelevant to the issue of Angelo's moral character (or lack thereof).
It's hard to encapsulate the argument without alleging chicanery, so we'll do it syllogistically with a series of facts:
The five narratives are explored through the theme of excess: Lee's starting point is Proust's countess's remark, 'Moi, je n'aime pas Balzac, je trouve qu'il est exagere', from which he moves, somewhat syllogistically, but rather more interestingly than had he kept to the tired theme of Balzac's 'exaggeration', to explore the excessive behaviours of Balzac's protagonists and narrators in these stories, each via a determinant theme--in Un Drame 'le nom', in Adieu and L'Auberge rouge 'le temoignage', in Melmoth reconcilie 'le don', and performatively in Le Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu.
Syllogistically speaking, just as man invents a god for his salvation and spiritual good and conceives that the salvation and the good rest upon acts of faith and belief in the deity, so the world (for Hardy's "philosophers") must needs turn upon the desires and prepossessions of mankind.
The official theory is that each new decision follows syllogistically from existing precedents.
Functioning both syllogistically and symbolically, a midrasbic composition charts a sage's intellectual path leading from a theological or cultural crisis at hand to the timeless truths found in the scriptural paradigms.
If we start with the categorical propositions `Every pair of rational numbers is a pair of rational numbers with a rational number between them' and `<A, B> is a pair of rational numbers', then we can infer syllogistically `<A, B> is a pair of rational numbers with a rational number between them'.
Both Communism and anti-Communism derive tests of faith syllogistically from shaky first principles.